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Hello. I am new to this Comm and i was wondering if anyone could give me some help. I want to cosplay as Sara (love him so much) And i've found the perfect glasses and a few wigs that might work, but i can not find an actual costume. I really don't want to make on myself for i no longer have a sewing machine. So can anyone give me any help? I don't really care which Sara outift, because i adore them all. Thank you in advance for any help.
So, I finally got my wig for my Saralegui cosplay, which is now cut and styled =D

(Follow the fake cut to see~)

But anyway, I'm in need of suggestions: Which of Sara's outfits should I do? I'm open to all except his battle outfit thing with the corset. Really Sara, what were you thinking?


Cosplay skit and pictures - Nekocon 09

Hi all. New here, but thought I'd share the skit and photos of my group from Nekocon '09. Not many people seemed to know KKM there, and the skit is pretty heavily weighted on in-jokes, so hopefully real fans of the show will enjoy it ^_^

Here's the skit:

And Yuuri figuring out the Mateki:

Keep spreading the love :)

Photos under the cut. VERY image heavy...well, duh. But still.Collapse )
Hello there,

I have planed to cosplay Yozak and Saralegui this year. Where Saralegui´s wig might be simple to find there is a huge problem for Yozak´s.

Does anyone have an idea which wig would be the best for our friendly spy? (links, pictures, anything?)



Old video, new audio

Pretty much the title. I'm working on another... project... and did the editing for practice.


I know it's old... but it still brings me joy.

Julia Cosplay

Greetings Mazoku & humans!

I am from Singapore and this is my first time posting in this community, so uh, be nice. : D

I just thought I'd share a couple of pictures of my Julia cosplay I did a few days ago at an event.

Follow the fake cut for pichures...Collapse )

Comments are love. <3



Bonjour la compagnie!

I'm a cosplayer from Montreal and I bring forth a picture of my Yuuri cosplay! No photoshoot yet, can't wait though. I love cosplaying KKM so much, wish I had a Wolfram or a Conrad with me. I'll be going as Yuuri again for next year's Anime North. That's in a whiiiiile.

And the picture is...yeah. Crackish. Enjoy :)

Uh...I don't think you're supposed to use toilets that way...Collapse )


Some Otakon Pictures

These were taken by Ryouga. Had some wardrobe malfunction, but overall I was happy to run around as Josak after a long, long year since I last cosplayed him.

PictarrrrsCollapse )


Otakon KKM photoshoot.

I have pictures.

A loooot. Like 57...

This isn't even all of them.

DUN BREAK YOUR INTERNETS PLZ. Or... well if you want to... HAVE FUN.Collapse )

Anime Next 08 - PICTURE SPAM!

Features teef_chan as Yuuri Shibuya and boruframu as Wolfram von Bielefeld.


Remember kids, I never said I was a professional photographer.